Scala: How to use regex pattern matching in a match expression

Scala FAQ: How can I use regular expression (regex) pattern matching in a match expression (a Scala match/case expression)?

As I wrote in my Scala sed class post earlier today, Jon Pretty’s Kaleidoscope project lets you use string pattern-matching code in Scala match expressions. This enables regex pattern-matching code like this:

// Kaleidoscope enables this:
def updateLine(currentLine: String): String = currentLine match {
    case r"^# ${header}@(.*)"  => s"<h1>$header</h1>"  //"# foo"  -> "<h1>foo</h1>"
    case r"^## ${header}@(.*)" => s"<h2>$header</h2>"  //"## foo" -> "<h2>foo</h2>"
    case _                     => currentLine

That example not only shows how to use pattern-matching in a match expression, but also how to use regex capture groups.

The ability to use string pattern-matching code in a Scala match expression is a very cool and useful ability, and I didn’t realize how important it was when the Kaleidoscope project was released. This SO post shows other ways to try to use string pattern-matching in match expressions, but Kaleidoscope looks like the easiest solution.

For more information, see the Kaleidoscope project or my Scala sed class post.

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Alvin Alexander
Louisville, Colorado