Tutorials about the Scala programming language.

JetBrains Scala developer survey alvin June 9, 2018 - 11:46am

The people behind IntelliJ IDEA released their JetBrains Scala developer survey recently.

The essence of Scala ~ Martin Odersky

Per this tweet, back on May 15 Martin Odersky shared a slide with these contents:

The essence of Scala: Fusion of functional and object-oriented programming in a typed settings.

- Functions for the logic
- Objects for the modularity

How to use higher-order functions with Option (instead of match expressions)

I originally wrote a long introduction to this article, but I decided to keep that introduction for the second article in this series. For this article I’ll just say:

  • idiomatic Scala code involves never using null values
  • because you never use nulls, it’s important to become an expert at using Option, Some, and None
  • initially you may want to use match expressions to handle Option values
  • as you become more proficient with Scala and Options, you’ll find that match expressions tend to be verbose
  • becoming proficient with higher-order functions (HOFs) like map, filter, fold, and many others are the cure for that verbosity

Given that background, the purpose of this article is to show how to use HOFs with Option values rather than match expressions.

Zero-Overhead Tree Processing with the Visitor Pattern

The Visitor Pattern is one of the most mis-understood of the classic design patterns. While it has a reputation as a slightly roundabout technique for doing simple processing on simple trees, it is actually an advanced tool for a specific use case: flexible, streaming, zero-overhead processing of complex data structures. This blog post will dive into what makes the Visitor Pattern special, and why it has a unique place in your toolkit regardless of what language or environment you are programming in.