Scala build.sbt GraalVM native-image command line options

As a quick note to self, I just used these contents in a Scala/sbt build.sbt file when working with the GraalVM native-image command (and sbt plugin). I share these here so I can remember how to specify command-line options for the native-image plugin in the build.sbt file:

lazy val sbtmkdirs = (project in file("."))
        name := "http_client",
        version := "0.1",
        scalaVersion := "3.0.1",
        Compile / mainClass := Some("foo.HttpClient"),
        // these are the native-image options i used
        // to work with HTTP and HTTPS (though I don’t know
        // if they are all needed)
        nativeImageOptions ++=

scalacOptions ++= Seq(

It’s also helpful to see that sbt/build.sbt Compile / mainClass syntax, because that’s currently hard to find on the internet