Tips to improve your UI design, and Eloquent JavaScript alvin February 26, 2018 - 8:40am

This article has some good, simple tips on how to improve your UI design. Also, this website/book might be good for people interested in JavaScript.

Designers choosing form over function

One of my gripes with both MacOS and Ubuntu is that it’s harder than it needs to be to grab a window corner or edge to resize it. IMHO, designers are choosing form over function.

ASCII drawing programs

Every time I go back to writing GUI programs, I find that I want to document my UI layout code, especially when I use something like a JGoodies layout in a Java/Swing application. I just took a look around and found some ASCII drawing programs, which may help me create the documentation I’m looking for, i.e., an ASCII drawing I can put in my Java/Scala comments, above my UI layout code. I created this particular drawing with

Creating a web browser with Scala Swing

Is Swing dead? I don’t know. I’ve written several Swing apps that I use every day, but I can’t speak for the rest of the world.

What I can say is that I really like Scala Swing. How I wish it was available ten years ago ... you’ll never know.

But getting to the point, after working with Scala Swing a little bit, I decided to see if I could write a web browser with it. The short answer is that here’s what the browser looks like:

The Mediator Design Pattern in Java alvin May 1, 2013 - 6:40pm

Summary: The Mediator Design Pattern is demonstrated in a Java example (a Java Mediator Pattern example).

Mac task scheduling with iCal

Mac task scheduling FAQ: Is there a simple way to schedule a task/job on a Mac OS X system to run on a certain date and time? (For Linux/Unix users: Like running a Unix job with the crontab facility, but in a GUI?)

In an earlier article I detailed how to run Unix jobs on a Mac system in this Mac OS X crontab (launchd) tutorial. But today I was looking for an easier way to run Mac programs at certain times, or to schedule email reminders to be sent to myself, preferably using a Mac GUI client.