A generic test plan for testing a wizard in a GUI application

Here's a "generic" version of a simple test plan I just wrote for testing one wizard in a GUI software application my team is currently developing. I wrote this for one specific wizard, then realized that many of these tests are generically-applicable to all wizards.

Without any further introduction, here is my sample test plan. Feel free to use it as a template for creating your own test plans.

  • Start the wizard (Note: I changed this to make it more generic).
  • Stress-test all numeric fields in the wizard.
    • Try non-numeric characters.
    • Try negative numbers.
    • Try zero.
    • Try largest possible number.
  • Stress-test all alpha fields in the wizard.
    • Try blanks.
    • Try extended characters (exclamation mark, ampersand, etc.).
    • Test the minimum number of characters in each field.
    • Test the maximum number of characters in each field.
    • Try inserting the [Tab] character.
  • Test Back/Next/Finish buttons. Confirm that data does not change.
  • Test that the wizard can be navigated with the keyboard alone.
  • Select all combo box settings.
  • Verify that (insert your object here) is displayed in the correct location after it is created.
  • Edit the (insert your object here) and make sure the settings match your initial values.
  • Edit again and make sure the edited values are saved.
  • Make sure fields that affect downstream wizard panels affect those future wizard panels properly.
  • Verify that (insert your object here) is displayed correctly on all other screens and resulting paperwork.

Note that the tests for numeric data-entry fields and alpha data-entry fields are also very generic, and can be re-used in other portions of your test plans as well.

I hope this helps you get started in creating your own test plan, at least in the area of GUI wizards. At least you're not looking at a blank sheet of paper any more. :)

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