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Getting a Mac/Java app ready for Apple’s Mac App Store

Over the last two days I’ve gotten a Mac/Java app ready for Apple’s Mac App Store, including bundling the application as a macOS “.app” application bundle, and signing it so it can be submitted to the Store.

A relatively quick look at my browser history shows that I needed to hit over 260 URLs to get that done. As a wise professor once told me, “Keep learning, keep learning.”

How to hide annoying MacOS update notifications

Table of Contents1 - Getting rid of (some) unwanted MacOS update notifications2 - About those other update notifications ...3 - MacOS App Store preferences4 - Summary

It drives me crazy when I log into my MacOS Yosemite and Sierra systems and I’m quickly hit with an Apple “You have updates” notification. It’s like I just want to get to work, and I’m reminded of updates I don’t care about.

I just learned that you can hide some updates from annoying you, but I haven’t found a way to get rid of other updates.

Java App Store is dead (and Oracle killed it)

Java App Store news: I may have missed the announcement somewhere, but as I was researching Java on the Mac App Store, I just found that the Sun/Oracle Java App Store is dead. Here's an image of the Java App Store website:

Java App Store is dead

Java in the Mac App Store? Not.

Mac App Store/Java News: I just saw some posts on the Mac Java-dev mailing list wondering whether Java apps will be allowed in Apple's new Mac App Store. The short answer: No.

As I was looking for a definitive answer myself, another person posted the Java Mac App store answer:

Waiting iPad apps - possible solutions

Waiting iPad apps: If you run into a problem with "waiting" iPad apps during the iPad app installation or update process, my "waiting iPhone apps solutions" article should be helpful. Because all these Apple devices use the same iOS operating system, and because we've found four possible solutions to the "waiting iPhone/iPod apps" problem, these waiting app tips should work just as well for waiting iPad apps (also referred to as "stuck" iPad apps).

Did Apple just kill Java support on Mac OS X?

With the announcement of the App Store for Mac OS X, Apple also released a Java upgrade, and their release notes contain this ominous verbiage for Mac Java developers:

Java Deprecation

As of the release of Java for Mac OS X 10.6 Update 3, the version of Java that is ported by Apple, and that ships with Mac OS X, is deprecated.

The release notes then go on to explain more about Apple/Mac Java being deprecated:

Apple rejects Pulitzer Prize winner, then recants

Too funny ... Apple rejects Mark Fiore's iPhone application "because it included cartoons that ridiculed public figures." Fiore then wins the Pulitzer Prize, and mentions the next day that his iPhone app was rejected.

Immediately Apple "encourages" Mr. Fiore to re-submit his app for consideration in the App Store. (Do you think Apple will "approve" him now?)

Here are some more notes from the New York Times article where I just read about this: