A Java graphics utilities class

As a quick note, here’s a little Java graphics utilities class I started putting together today. Mostly I’m just concerned with monitor/display sizes at the moment, especially when a computer system has multiple displays.

Java/Scala: How to determine the monitor sizes of multiple displays

Note: This code is currently a work in progress. I know of possible approaches, but I don’t know of a perfect working solution yet.

I’m currently trying to find the right way to find the current monitor size, when you’re writing a Java Swing application to work in a multiple-monitor configuration. I always use three monitors, so I can test this pretty easily.

Gorilla arm

I just stumbled onto this old article about “gorilla arm.” The question that comes to mind is, “Why did Microsoft release touchscreen PCs if designers and testers were aware of these problems?” (Surely anyone who used a Touchscreen PC for any period of time would have known about this.) My guess is that the decision was driven by the sales/marketing team, not by designers and engineers.

nload - A Linux real-time network traffic monitor

From “If you want to monitor network throughput on the command line interface, use nload. It is a console application which monitors network traffic and bandwidth usage in real time. It visualizes the incoming and outgoing traffic using two graphs and provides additional info like total amount of transferred data and min/max network usage.”

iMac dual monitor setup: How to connect an external monitor to your iMac

iMac dual monitor setup FAQ: Can I connect an external monitor to my iMac? (Or, how do I use the Apple Mini DisplayPort to connect a second monitor to my iMac or MacBook Pro?)

Yes, you can connect a second monitor (external monitor) to your iMac -- here's how.

iMac dual monitor - iMac Mini DisplayPort

To create a dual monitor iMac, first locate the "Mini DisplayPort" on the back of your iMac. You can see the iMac Mini DisplayPort in this photo:

MacBook Air external monitor connectors

MacBook Air external monitor FAQ: How do I connect an external monitor to my MacBook Air?

Because the MacBook Air and the iMac use the same Apple Mini DisplayPort technology to connect to external monitors, the process of connecting an external monitor to a MacBook Air is nearly the same as connecting a dual monitor to an iMac: