Configuring an Nginx default website

I’m configuring Nginx as my primary web server, with other Apache servers behind it, and I wanted to configure Nginx to serve up a blank page whenever someone tried to hit my server’s IP address, instead of one of the websites that’s hosted on the server. That is, I wanted to serve up a blank page rather than the default Nginx page.

In short, I added this setup information to my nginx.conf configuration file:

Setting iPhone HTML app page width/size (pixel width)

iPhone HTML page size FAQ: In an HTML web app optimized for the iPhone, how do I set the page size to be the optimal iPhone page size (iPhone page pixel width)?

By default the iPhone assumes HTML pages are 980 pixels wide. When you're creating a custom iPhone HTML app, you really want to control this page size so your web app will look better.

The way you change the iPhone HTML page size (pixel width) is to use the special iPhone HTML "viewport" meta tag, like this:

Setting the Drupal front page node

Drupal front page FAQ: How do I make a Drupal page (node) the front page of my Drupal website?

Drupal front page approaches

There are several ways to control the content of your Drupal front page, but if you just want to use a Drupal node as the front page of your site, you can set this on the Site Information admin page.

Help - I changed my Drupal theme, and I can't log in

Drupal login FAQ: Help, I just changed my Drupal theme, and I can't log in to my Drupal website(!).


You can do some really amazing things with Drupal, with one amazing thing being the ability to log yourself out of the system, and make you think you have no way of logging yourself back in.

svnserve man page

I just got a Subversion (svn) server running on my MacBook Pro, and thought I'd put this svnserve man page out here as reference:

LaTeX PDF document size/length example

In the example below I'm showing how you can change a bunch of LaTeX document length parameters. The values don't really make any sense -- I've just thrown some numbers in there. I just want to remember how to do this for the next time I need to create a LaTeX PDF document.

(For what I'm trying to achieve today my goal was to get rid of all the margins on the left side of the page. Then I decided to throw in a few other values.)

I found some of these LaTeX examples on pp. 84-89 of The LaTeX Companion.