Death in Paradise: Adding salt to a candle to make it burn slower

As a brief note, I recently watched an episode of Death in Paradise where a murderer put salt in a candle to make the candle burn slower. Out of curiosity to see whether or not this would work, I burned a small candle without salt, and found that it lasted about ninety minutes. I then added some salt to a second candle of the same size, and it burned most of the day(!). One trick of this is that the candle has to be at a point where it’s already melted a little bit, so you’re pouring the salt into the melted candle wax.

A Scala method to run any block of code slowly

The book, Advanced Scala with Cats, has a nice little function you can use to run a block of code “slowly”:

def slowly[A](body: => A) = try body finally Thread.sleep(100)

I’d never seen a try/finally block written like that (without a catch clause), so it was something new for the brain.

In the book they run a factorial method slowly, like this:

slowly(factorial(n - 1).map(_ * n))

FWIW, you can modify slowly to pass in the length of time to sleep, like this:

def slowly[A](body: => A, sleepTime: Long) = try body finally Thread.sleep(sleepTime)

iPhone/iOS: How to quit using cellular data when using WiFi

I live in Colorado, where cellular reception can be very hit or miss because of the mountains and rolling hills. As just one example there are only two spots in my apartment where I can make a phone call. So when I’m at home trying to view a website using Safari on my iPhone and the page is loading really slow, I find it really annoying that my iPhone is trying to use my cellular data rather than my home wireless network (WiFi).

My GoDaddy 4GH hosting review

Here's my GoDaddy 4GH hosting review: It sucks. A friend on Twitter warned me about it, but sadly, I didn't listen.

As a backup to that "review", here's the downtime on just one of my websites for the last several days:

Does Yahoo Mail have a memory leak?

I'm not sure exactly what's going on, but I'm having a horrible time trying to use Yahoo's web-based email with Firefox this last 36 hours or so. There is some kind of really bad memory leak in the system that makes Firefox's memory use jump up to over 300MB as soon as I look at just two or three files.

My first problem with Windows

In light of those recent Microsoft ads that show that Windows PCs are cheaper than Macs (without ever using the word "Windows"), here's my first problem with Microsoft Windows:

Three minutes and two seconds, how long it took to log into my Windows PC

How to slowly minimize a Mac OS X window to the Dock using the Genie effect

If you ever want to impress your friends with a fun Mac OS X trick, just minimize a window in super slow motion. Steve Jobs used to do this during his presentations, but I don't know if he's done it in a few years now. Here's an image of what this slow-motion Genie effect looks like:

Mac OS X slow motion Genie minimizing window effect

Apple TimeCapsule backups: Initial backup with Apple Time Capsule runs very slow

Slow Apple TimeCapsule backups: Two tips for increasing the speed of Apple TimeCapsule backups.

I've found the initial backup with the Mac Time Machine software and the Apple Time Capsule to be very slow, you might say "insanely slow". ;) I'm trying to perform the initial backup using a MacBook Pro over a Wireless-G network in my home network to a 500 GB Time Capsule that I just purchased, and it has been crawling along.