iPhone wireless charging devices

After seeing an ad for a wireless iPhone charging device recently, I thought I'd dig around and see what I could find out about iPhone wireless charging devices. After a little research, it looks like there are two good options, the AirVolt Wireless iPhone Charger, and the Powermat system. There is a third wireless iPhone charger available from Brookstone, but I'm not impressed by it, though I've shared a few details on it below.

iPod/iPhone wireless network setup

iPod/iPhone wireless networking FAQ: How do I set up my iPhone or iPod on a wireless (WiFi) network?

"Most people who are watching TV are semi-catatonic"

I just read that a judge rejected AT&T's request to pull Verizon's ads off the airwaves. The judge said the ads might be sneaky, but they're not misleading.

Even funnier to me, the judge offered this quote:

"Most people who are watching TV are semi-catatonic"

Apple wireless keyboard is smaller

Apple does a lot of things very well, but one area I think they struggle with is mice and keyboards. Historically they've tried a ton of different things with mice, but today's topic is: Why does the Apple wireless keyboard have a layout that's different than a standard keyboard? As Steve Jobs might politely say, WTF?

Apple TimeCapsule backups: Initial backup with Apple Time Capsule runs very slow

Slow Apple TimeCapsule backups: Two tips for increasing the speed of Apple TimeCapsule backups.

I've found the initial backup with the Mac Time Machine software and the Apple Time Capsule to be very slow, you might say "insanely slow". ;) I'm trying to perform the initial backup using a MacBook Pro over a Wireless-G network in my home network to a 500 GB Time Capsule that I just purchased, and it has been crawling along.

Apple Mighty Mouse clicks but won’t track

Mac Mighty Mouse FAQ: Help, my Apple wireless Mighty Mouse clicks but won't track properly; what's going on?

I’ve had a lot of problems with batteries with my Apple Bluetooth (wireless) Mighty Mouse, including this “tracking” problem, but fortunately everything just came to a happy conclusion.