iotop - A Linux 'top' command for disk I/O

From this cyberciti.biz web page: “The iotop command is top like the top utility for disk I/O. It watches I/O usage information output by the Linux kernel (requires v2.6.20 or later) and displays a table of current I/O usage by processes or threads on the system. This post explains how to install and use iotop to find out what's stressing (or program names) on your hard drives under Linux operating systems.”

Apple's willingness to ship an incomplete product

An amazing thing to me about Apple is their willingness to ship an incomplete product. The one negative thing that stands out for me on the iPhone 3G is that I can't copy-and-paste between applications -- and the software is currently on version 2.0.1!

Mac ISO burn tip - How to burn an ISO image to a CD on Mac OS X

Mac ISO burning FAQ: How do I burn an ISO image on Mac OS X?

It seems like lately all I'm doing is burning stuff to a CD or DVD on my Mac OS X system, first backups, and now I'm burning ISO images.

If you've never burned an ISO image to a CD or DVD on a Mac before, it's pretty easy. Here's how I just burned a Fedora ISO image on my MacBook Pro, which is a Mac OS X 10.4.10 system.