Mac Dock size (Dock icon size)

Mac Dock size FAQ: How do I change the Mac Dock size (increase/decrease the Mac Dock size), including the Mac Dock icon size, and how large the Dock icons get when I roll over them?

There are several ways to change the Mac Dock size, but they all involve getting to the Mac Dock Preferences window. The way I normally do it is:

Mac Spaces: Open a minimized window in the current Mac space

Mac Spaces minimized windows FAQ: How do I open a minimized Mac window in the current Mac Space?

I love the Mac Spaces feature, but it has nearly driven me insane that when I click a minimized Mac application window (a window minimized to the Mac Dock), it changes the current Mac Space to whatever Space that window was opened in before, and then opens the window. 98% of the time I want that minimized Mac window to open in the current Mac Space, not whatever the old application Space was.

Apple's free iTunes iPhone remote app

As part of my work on my Mac speech recognition software, I've been digging into the use of an iPhone as a Mac remote control. While that hasn't been much of a success yet, I did stumble across the Apple iTunes iPhone/iPad remote app.

This iTunes/iPhone remote app is a free app from Apple that lets you control some iTunes functions. Apple's iTunes remote control app doesn't blow me away, however; for me, it has many flaws, including:

How to fix the hide and seek problem with a Mac window and hidden dialog

Mac hidden window/dialog solution: One of the craziest things I see with the Mac OS X operating system from time to time is a game of "hide and seek" that you can get into with dialog windows in Mac applications. You'll hear people describe this problem something like this: "When I click on my Mac application window (like the main iTunes window), my Mac makes a 'dunk' noise (an error sound), like I'm doing something wrong by trying to click on the window.

Mac Dock folder tip - How to move a folder to the Mac Dock

Mac Dock FAQ: How do I move a commonly used Mac folder to the Dock so I can access it easier?

When you first buy a Mac, the right side of the Dock (the right side of the highway stripe on the Mac Dock) will have just the basic items on it, such as the Applications and Downloads folders. What a lot of people don't know is that you can put links (shortcuts) to your own folders there as well. In fact, this is a great place to put shortcuts to your most commonly used Mac folders.

Java: How to handle drop events to your Mac OS X Dock icon (Part 2) alvin June 9, 2009 - 4:06pm

In Part 1 of this tutorial I shared the Java source code you need to handle drag and drop events on Mac OS X. But as I mentioned in that tutorial, the recipe to handle files that are dropped onto your Dock application icon requires a little more work, in particular an Ant build process that uses the JarBundler task. So here in Part 2 of this tutorial, I'm sharing my Ant build script that completes this recipe.