Notes on how to configure the Drupal SMTP email module with Gmail alvin February 10, 2019 - 1:45pm

As a brief note to self, when you want to use the Drupal SMTP module with a Gmail SMTP server, such as for a Drupal contact form, the process goes something like this:

Authors love to hear “thanks”

I doubt that most people know it, but authors always enjoy receiving letters of “thanks” like this one. Writing is often a lonely, solitary business, and to hear that your work has helped other people is always satisfying. If there’s a book you’ve read that you really enjoyed, I encourage you to write the author a brief letter of thanks. They’ll appreciate it more than you’ll know.

Amazon security flaw?

I was surprised to find out yesterday that you can change your Amazon email address without having to verify the change from your old email account. You only have to verify the new email address. That seems like a flaw.

Scala, IMAP, SearchTerm, AndTerm, FromStringTerm, SentDateTerm, FlagTerm, and FetchProfile

If you're looking for a simple Scala IMAP client tutorial/example, please follow that link, but if you're interested in some Scala source code that demonstrates IMAP searching with Scala, JavaMail, SearchTerm, AndTerm, FromStringTerm, SentDateTerm, FlagTerm, and FetchProfile, this source code may be for you.

In short, here's what the following Scala IMAP client does:

Mac, RSS news, and E-Mail: Mail an RSS news feed from your Mac

A Mac, RSS, and Email tip: How to create a Mac app (free) to mail an RSS news feed to yourself (or anyone else) from your Mac.

As I keep digging deeper and deeper into the Mac Automator application, I've found a way to do something I've been thinking about for a while: Mail RSS news feeds to myself. Sometimes during the day I get very busy and forget to even look at the news, so I thought it would be nice if I mailed myself one or more RSS news feeds.