How to implement user authentication in a Play Framework application

Table of Contents1 - Resources2 - A custom user authentication action3 - Use that action in your controller methods4 - A sample form5 - Setting the user login cookie6 - Discussion

This past week I started working with the Play Framework (version 2.6), and this is a quick look at how to implement user authentication in a Play application. Specifically this blog post focuses on how to create a custom action so you can secure your Play controllers methods, where you’ll implement those methods using this new, custom action.

Free PHP charts and graphs

As I embark on two new PHP web applications that have a lot of charting and graphing needs, I've started to dig into the PHP charts and graphs world. I'm pleased to say there are several nice, free PHP charts and graphs tools available, and several commercial PHP charting/graphing tools as well. Here's my quick review of the current PHP charts and graphs tools.

A CakePHP jQuery fade out flash success message

CakePHP flash fade out success messages: If you'd like to show fade out success messages in your CakePHP applications using jQuery, like the ones currently used by applications such as Twitter and Facebook, I thought I'd share the formula I came up with this weekend. While it includes touching a few different files, it's pretty easy, and once you've done the basic setup work you can display CakePHP fade out success messages in all of your web pages, and web applications.

Free Flash charts and graphs (PHP charts)

Free PHP Flash charts FAQ: What do you know about Flash charts (Flash charts and graphs tools that can be used in PHP applications), especially free Flash charting and graphing tools (or interactive charts and graphs)?

As I keep digging into free PHP charts and graphs tools, I've found that several of these tools special in "Flash charts", typically interactive Flash charts. Here's a quick review of what I've learned about these Flash charts.

Free PHP Flash charts and graphs tools (Open Source)

Open Flash Chart Project

Steve Jobs Thoughts on Flash security alvin October 29, 2010 - 9:50pm

As I think about this latest Flash security vulnerability (see How to uninstall Flash on Mac OS X), I'm reminded of Steve Jobs Thoughts on Flash memo. As he wrote earlier this spring about Flash security:

"Third, there’s reliability, security and performance.

Mac Flash uninstaller - How to uninstall Flash on Mac OS X (and Windows) alvin October 29, 2010 - 9:18pm

Mac Flash FAQ: How do I uninstall Flash on Mac OS X (10.4, 10.5, or 10.6)?

Adobe just announced a critical Flash security flaw (and in Adobe Reader and Acrobat 9.x applications) that makes all operating systems vulnerable to attack, including Windows, Unix, and Mac OS X systems. While it may be an overreaction to the problem, I just investigated what it would take to uninstall Mac Flash (Flash on Mac OS X), and the operation is pretty simple.

Better web browser privacy with Better Privacy

Web browser privacy FAQ: What things can I do to improve my internet/web browser privacy and security (especially in regards to "Flash cookies", or "Flash super cookies")?

Continuing my research into internet/web browser privacy, I've already mentioned that I stumbled onto the "Better Privacy" Firefox plugin, but I haven't written much specifically about it. So, here's what I know about web browser privacy and Better Privacy.