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Welcome to the alvinalexander.com website, formerly known as devdaily.com. (devdaily.com now redirects to alvinalexander.com.) Please follow the terms and conditions listed below as you interact with this site, and we can all have a little fun and learn from each other.


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Do not spam, advertise, or promote your own website, or engage in other forms of self-promotion. In short, the goal here is to create a great knowledge base, and spam has no part of that. Spammers may be reported to “blacklist” websites and databases.

Communications and security

As a security precaution, we recommend keeping your communications with other members on this website, particularly when you do not know the other person. It's common sense, but you share personal information with other persons at your own discretion.

Keep communications clean

This website is intended for people interested in discussing technology without being disagreeable. Please keep your language clean, and do not post any content which is malicious, hateful, or offensive, including but not limited to racist, sexist, or religiously discriminating remarks. In short, if I don't like the wording in comments that are submitted, I won't approve them.

As mentioned in our Privacy Policy, IP addresses are associated with comments, and if necessary, the IP addresses of users posting hateful comments will be reported to the authorities.

Errors, omissions, and changes

If you find an error regarding any content on this website we appreciate your feedback and help in correcting the mistake. We do our best to avoid mistakes, and we do verify that every piece of content we post here appears to work for the examples we've shown. In some cases we make mistakes, in other cases something that worked for our purposes may not work for you, and in other cases as time goes on, tutorials become less accurate as technology changes. In either case, you’re welcome to use the code from our examples but you do so at your own risk.

Keep communications legal

Be sure you own the rights to anything you post on this site. Specifically, do not post source code, tutorials, or blog entries you don't own.

Affiliate Links to Amazon.com

In regards to links to Amazon.com, Amazon requires that we state, “As an Amazon Associate I (Valley Programming, LLC) earn from qualifying purchases.”

Changes to this document

Changes to our Terms and Conditions may change at any time, with or without notice. Please refer back to this page whenever using this website.