Agile GUI Testing - automated menu clicking

If you're following along with my Agile GUI Testing (AGT) software progress, I'm showing my latest addition in another YouTube video. In short, if you supply a simple text file to describe your menus and menu items, I've created a new tool that does the following:

  • Automatically generates menu "click" commands
  • Automatically generates menu item "click" commands
  • Automatically generates tests/demos for these items

Some of this is shown in that brief (1:37) YouTube video.

The way it works -- at least on a Mac OS X system -- is that you define the structure of your application's menu system, like this:

Firefox | About Firefox
Firefox | Preferences

File | New Window
File | New Tab

Edit | Copy
Edit | Paste


# many other menu items omitted here to keep this short

and using this file as input, the new tool creates the code mentioned above to provide methods to "click" all your menus and menu items.

My motivation for this new feature is simple: I'm trying to remove every legitimate complaint people might have for not creating automated GUI tests. "But Al, creating all these 'menu click' methods is hard" ... well, okay, not any more. :)

Automated GUI testing and menu-clicking

I hope to have this ready for public consumption a day or two. Right now I'm taking a few moments to re-package things to make it much easier for testers, and I'll make this new tool available when I have the re-packaging complete.

(The re-packaging will let GUI testers instantly use new versions of this GUI testing software. I'll just distribute a new "AGT" or "scripts" folder, and all you'll have to do is delete the old folder, and replace it with the new folder, and all your previous scripts should just keep working.)

As a final note, I just created a new Agile/Automated GUI Testing "product" page, and that will now be the central location for downloads and documentation.

Yours in automated GUI testing ...

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