Seward, Alaska lodging information

Summary: A quick look at Seward, Alaska lodging information, including resources on my One Man's Alaska website, and other Seward, Alaska lodging resources.

As I'm just getting back into the swing of things after moving from Wasilla, Alaska to the nearby town of Palmer, I thought I'd spend some time updating my website about living in Alaska. To that end, I've been updating my Seward Alaska lodging information page, including checking the websites, phone numbers, and map locations of all the Seward lodging choices I currently know.

Seward, Alaska information

If you're thinking about taking a vacation in Alaska, and you haven't thought about stopping at Seward, Alaska, I hope you'll give it some consideration. Seward is less than three hour's drive south of Anchorage, and most of the drive is through an enormous national forest, where you're bound to see a lot of things you've never seen before.

Well, that was my public service announcement. :) Before going, here are a few more links to useful information on Seward: