How to convert an Android CursorWrapper into a List/ArrayList

There may be better ways to do this, but I just used this code to convert an Android CursorWrapper object named QuoteCursor into a Java List, specifically an ArrayList:

public List<String> getAllActiveQuotes() {
    List<String> quotes = new ArrayList<>();
    QuotesDatabaseHelper.QuoteCursor quoteCursor = mHelper.queryQuotes();
    int quotesColumn = quoteCursor.getColumnIndex(QuotesDatabaseHelper.COL_QUOTES_QUOTE);
    for(quoteCursor.moveToFirst(); !quoteCursor.isAfterLast(); quoteCursor.moveToNext()) {
    return quotes;

The quotesColumn field isn’t important for this example. It’s just an int that represents the column you’re extracting from your database table. In my case I’m filling my ArrayList with the second column, but again, that’s all quotesColumn is, an int that specifies the desired column number.

If you needed to see how to convert an Android CursorWrapper into a List/ArrayList, I hope this is helpful.