The best MacBook price/deal ...

I'm looking at getting another Mac for the office (a free Mac for everyone at the world headquarters, that's what I always say!), this time a Apple MacBook, and after some digging around, Amazon currently seems to have the best price on a MacBook.

On the date of this posting (November 26, 2009), they have the MacBook at $884.98, with free Super Saver shipping. (I'd link to Amazon here, but their URLs are just insanely long these days.)

MacMall is more or less offering the same price on the MacBook, but you only get the same price by completing a $105 coupon offer.

If history is any indicator, I don't think Apple will offer the MacBook any cheaper than that tomorrow (Black Friday), but ... they seem to already be offering the same free shipping and free printer deals they offered last year. If Apple offers $100 off with these other terms on Black Friday that will be a better deal than Amazon is currently offering, but I expect it will be more like $50 off.