Improve your MacBook battery life

MacBook battery life FAQ: Do you have any tips on how I can improve my MacBook battery life?

Yes I do, and wow -- did I learn something while digging into this -- I had no idea I was supposed to calibrate my MacBook Pro battery every month. I just found this out while trying to help a friend who was having some MacBook battery problems (her new MacBook is not holding a battery charge very long).

Personally, I've been really happy with my MacBook Pro battery life, as I've written about in my "Extending my MacBook battery life" article, but if there's a way I can get a little more MacBook battery life, hey, I'm all ears.

Articles on calibrating your MacBook battery

I won't write too much about MacBook battery life here today, as Apple has this "calibrate your MacBook battery" topic covered very well in the following articles. But, I will come back here after trying these calibration techniques on my MacBook Pro to report how they worked.

Here are links to Apple's battery calibration articles:

(I think one of their tips is funny: "Use your iPod regularly". I know that makes technical sense from a battery perspective, but it sounds self-serving, like something a cigarette maker would tell their customers: "Smoke regularly".)

More MacBook battery life information

As mentioned, I've also written a How to extend your MacBook Pro battery life tutorial, which discusses all the things I've done to extend my MacBook battery life. I also just wrote this new article on How to calibrate your MacBook battery.