I like my platform freedom

As I've started to work on designing an HTML editor I'd like for the Mac platform, a little irony has set in: I find that I don't want to write it in Objective C. Given my history with Java, I find that I don't want to be tied to one platform, even Mac OS X. What if I install Ubuntu later this week (as scheduled) and fall madly in love with it? I want my application to work there also.

In short, as much as I like the Mac, I also like my platform freedom, and I'd rather put up with the quirks of developing a Java/Swing application for multiple platforms than I would like to be tied to any one platform.

Given this decision, I've started to look at more resources that talk about making Java applications feel more like Mac applications on the OS X platform, and these seem to be the best so far:

I'll add more good Java/Mac links here as I find them.