My Linux/Cygwin command prompt

As each day passes I use Cygwin more and more. One of the things I like to do on Unix platforms is to control what my command prompt looks like. On Cygwin, I edited my .bash_profile to include a multi-line entry like this:

yo: '

This may look bizarre, but I like the results. It makes my command line prompt look like this:

yo: _

I like this because it shows the full path of where I am in the filesystem on the top line, then gives me plenty of room to type on the second line.

Of course you can go even crazier, but I just wanted to show a relatively simple example. I encourage you to put an entry like this in your own .bash_profile and see what you can do! That's one of the great things about Unix/Linux/BSD/Cygwin systems -- you can customize them to your heart's content.