How to un-hide a hidden Mac OS X window

MacOS FAQ: How do I “un-hide” a hidden Mac Window (hidden Mac application)?

At one point or another every new macOS user learns that you can easily hide a window on macOS using the [Command][h] keyboard command, but that moment of fun is usually followed by a few moments of panic and terror and the thought “Hey, wait, how do I un-hide/show/display a hidden macOS window?”

How to un-hide a hidden Mac window (application)

There are at least two ways to un-hide a hidden Mac window:

  • Click the application icon in the Mac Dock (the icon for the application you hid)
  • Use the [Command][Tab] keystroke to cycle through the open applications, and select the application you hid

As an example of using the Dock technique, I’m currently using TextMate to type this blog entry. Pressing [Command][h] hides my current TextMate window, but then if I go to the dock and click the TextMate icon, my application window is restored.

I hope this tip on how to un-hide a hidden Mac window (or hidden Mac application) has been helpful.