AppleTV review

Apple TV review: I'm generally an Apple/Mac fan, but I don't get the idea of the AppleTV. I rent maybe 10 movies per year on DVD, and Steve Jobs has stated that this is the market the AppleTV looks to replace. Let's take a quick look at this.

First, the hardware: I already have a television, a DVD player, a DVR box, and soon, a Playstation 3 that will play Blu-ray videos. Big problem here: the AppleTV doesn't let me get rid of any of those existing boxes, and in fact I have to add another box to the mix. Sorry, but adding another box only benefits Apple and the electric company.

Price-wise, I wouldn't mind paying $229 for the AppleTV if it replaces my DVD player, but since I own 50+ DVDs and the AppleTV doesn't include a DVD player, it's not. So really, it's $229 for an alternate way of renting movies. That's way too pricey for me.

Now, one thing I do a ton today is use my DVR. If the AppleTV had DVR capability it would be a much more compelling product. Going a step further, if it also played my existing DVDs and new Blu-ray movies, this would be an insanely good product. By getting rid of my current DVR, and supporting my old DVDs, Apple would have a complete product, and would quickly get all the money I currently give to my DVR provider, and then get a stranglehold on the movie industry, just like they have on the music industry.

In fact, these notes don't have to be just about the AppleTV. This market is open, and anyone that provides this complete solution right now would have an insanely great product.

(Sigh) But until then -- even as someone who owns stock in Apple -- there will be no AppleTV for me.