Rumors of an Apple "media pad" device

I can dig the rumors about Apple developing a new "media pad" device. (Some rumor-mongering here and here.) I had one of the early-model Windows-based Toshiba tablets that had a small display (maybe 10-12"), and the "display" part of it spun on an axis. You would spin it 180 degrees so it was facing away from you, and then fold it down flat, converting it from a traditional notebook into a "slate" tablet model.

I always thought this was a terrific approach for a light-duty notebook, and with a little additional software it was a *tremendous* device for giving presentations. For regular daily use, the drawback of the small display was overcome by attaching the device to an external monitor, and using a wireless mouse and keyboard for input.

(I was also known to flip the device into slate mode, and put it in a small picture stand on the desk in front of me, again using a wireless mouse and keyboard.)

I won't be surprised to see Apple come out with a convertible model like this ... but I'm betting they'll go for the full monty with a slate model. Typing on a fake digital keyboard with a stylus sucked, but an iPhone-like keyboard on a slate style tablet might work.