Seven most wanted iPhone features

I know some of the following features are available through third-party iPhone apps, but I'd still like to see them as standard functions in a new iPhone software release:

  1. I'd like to be able to open an HTML link in a new browser window. Currently you have to click the link, view the new page, then hit the back button to see the original page. Doesn't this remind you of the mid-1990s?
  2. Also related to Safari, please quit reloading my Safari pages when I leave a page and then return to it. What's the purpose (besides pissing me off)?! I'd like to load up a bunch of pages with content that I can read offline, but guess what? Whenever I go back to look at a page when I'm in an area with no or slow internet access, the Safari page #!$@ tries to reload.
  3. Being able to use the iPhone as a dictation device. It should be the perfect device for recording short messages.
  4. Storage device: Let me hook the iPhone up to my Mac or a PC and let me use all that iPhone storage as a temporary backup or file-transfer device.
  5. Let me connect the iPhone to my MacBook Pro so I can access the internet wirelessly in areas that don't offer WiFi. Slow internet access is better than no internet access. And isn't the act of artificially restricting applications which provide this access against some law?
  6. Copy and paste. (Need I say more here?)
  7. Improve the predictive text typing functionality. IMHO, my own preditive text editor is better at many stages than what's in the iPhone (and I wrote that in one night).