The link popularity of OpenSSO, WebSeal, and web tools

I've been working on a single sign-on project lately, evaluating both OpenSSO and IBM's trio of TIM, TAM, and WebSeal, and I noticed that Google has only 32,000 links to real WebSeal resources. By contrast, even as a young open source project, OpenSSO already has over 100,000 links.

Out of curiosity, I decided to google a variety of web languages and tools, and here are my search results:

php 9.6B links (billion!)
java 371M
perl 87.4M
aspx 77.3M
ruby 16.8M
python 11M
wordpress 279M
joomla 116M
drupal 33M
plone 9.6M
elgg 3.9M
webseal ~33,000
ibm tim tam ~32,000

I'll expand my list more when I have some free time. I'd love to see these trends over time.