Postgresql backup - how to backup a Postgres database

Postgresql Backup FAQ: How do I create a backup of a Postgresql database?

Solution: I create a Postgresql backup (a Postgresql dump) for this website using the pg_dump command, like this:

pg_dump -h db_server -U db_user -W db_name > db.20070725.dump

With this Postgres / pg_dump command I'm doing the following:

  • Connecting to a Postgres server named "db_server".
  • Connecting as the Postgres user "db_user".
  • Forcing a password prompt with "-W".
  • Dumping the Postgres database (a "Postgres dump" of the database) named "db_name".
  • Sending the Postgres output to a file named "db.20070725.dump".

As a final note, here is a link to some "backup and restore" documentation at the Postgresql web site.