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I've been digging around in the computer programming job market lately, looking for programming job openings for all sorts of job skills. I started with PHP, LAMP, and CakePHP jobs, then dug into Java developer jobs. Today I took on a more difficult task: Trying to find "Scrum jobs", i.e., jobs related to the Scrum Methodology.

After digging around on CareerBuilder and, here are the results of today's "Scrum jobs" job search.

Scrum jobs at CareerBuilder

Looking first at, I searched for the Scrum methodology keywords shown below, with the following results:

  • "Certified Scrum Master" - 8 job postings
  • "Scrum Master" - 31 job postings
  • "Scrum Methodology" - 159 job postings
  • "Scrum Project" - 181 job postings
  • "Scrum" - 290 job postings

As you can see, if you are a Certified Scrum Master, there aren't very many jobs available -- competition is high. (I write this as a person who really likes the Scrum methodology.)

As you can see, as I became more vague in my searches, there appear to be more "Scrum jobs" available. I take this as a sign that organizations are using the Scrum methodology on their software development projects. However, if you know Scrum, you'll know that there can be many "Scrum developers" for each "Scrum Master". I think that's at least one reason there are 8 Scrum Master jobs, compared to a total of 290 job postings for the word "Scrum".

As a final note, for those jobs showing salary levels, Scrum Master salaries seem to vary from $65K to $100K (USD) per year.

Scrum jobs at DICE is essentially a contract programming shop, so I thought I'd see what they sort of Scrum jobs they had to offer. I searched for the following Scrum methodology job descriptions, with the following results:

  • Certified Scrum Master - 21 job postings
  • Scrum Master - 103 job postings
  • Scrum Methodology - 399 job postings
  • Scrum Project - 497 job postings
  • Scrum - 890 job postings

These numbers are a little more encouraging for the Scrum Master or Certified Scrum Master looking for a new job, with 103 Scrum Master jobs and 21 Certified Scrum Master jobs listed.

The rest of the data speaks for itself, but the interesting thing for me today is how many more job listings has compared to CareerBuilder. It just goes to show that if you're looking for a job, it pays to look around.

Scrum methodology jobs - summary

Just as with my other "developer jobs" articles, I'll try to come back here and update these "Scrum jobs" results periodically. I'll also see if I can find some good Scrum salary information as I dig around.

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