About the book format

Although I could easily write hundreds of pages about my consulting experiences, I want to create a book that is “accessible,” a book you can speed-read over one or two nights if you like, or perhaps read more slowly, focusing on just one chapter at a time. With this format — and with the extra “Summary” chapters at the end of the book — you can also use it as a reference, such as the night before a big meeting with a client.

In summary, this book is a collection of more than thirty small chapters that cover over 160 pages in length. I hope you enjoy the stories, and more importantly, I hope that you can use the lessons I learned to make your consulting career incredibly successful.

A note about the quotes

I originally named this book, Zen & the Art of Consulting, and each lesson began with a Zen quote. Although the name of the book has changed, I have kept the introductory quotes in the lessons.

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