My tablet experience (circa 2004)

Haha, this is funny: I forgot that I wrote a review of a Tablet PC that I used back in 2004. I just found that article, and ran across this line:

"Having this Tablet PC ... is like having a sexy girlfriend who also has a lot of irritating habits and no substance. There's a lot of excitement at first, but when the excitement wears off, you've got a decision to make."

(I've dated a dancer, a model, and a TV weather girl, so I have a little experience there.)

As I wrote about in my last Apple/Microsoft tablet rumor post, this reminds me of the comments I see regarding the rumored Apple and Microsoft tablet devices:

"I don't see the need for one of these, but they look really sexy, and I'd sure like to have one."

A lot of things have changed in the world since 2004, so I hope the things that bothered me back then will be implemented in a much better way in 2010. Plus, we can now actually think about things like eReaders, all sorts of high-speed wireless/internet options, long battery life, flash memory instead of disks, and much more. (As a friend says, "It's great to live in the future.")

For the record, here's a link to my 2004 review of a Fujitsu convertible Tablet PC, a very cool device I eventually decided I didn't want.