A free, complete, Java Mac OS X application

Over the last three days I've created a new Java Swing application for the Mac OS X platform, and today I'm giving away all the source code for this project (free of charge). The complete project includes both (a) all the Java source code and (b) all of the Ant build script code needed to build this application. The end result of the build is what appears to the end user to be a native Mac OS X application.

I need to say that this is a 1.0 release of this project, and there are several things that I will update in the code, and I will do that, over time.

But I think the real value of this complete Java Mac project is that it includes everything you need to build your own Java/Swing/Mac application. Okay, I guess you do need Ant, and you'll also need the Jarbundler Ant build task, but other than those two things that are out of my control, this Java/Mac project is ready to be built -- and ready for you to use in your own Java/Mac/Swing applications.

This Java Mac application

Those who know me know that I meditate a fair amount, so I developed what is basically a timer application to help in my meditation practice. This "Meditation" application is very simple, and just plays the sound of a gong after a user-specified amount of time.

To make this Java application look and feel like a native Mac OS X application, I created it as a normal Java Swing application, and then used the Jarbundler Ant task to build what appears to the end user to be a native Mac application. This is cool, because I can share this application with other Mac OS X users, and to them it will look just like any other native Mac OS X application.

Here's a picture of what this simple Java Mac application looks like when it's running:

The Java Mac OS X Meditation application

If enough people are interested in this I can take the time to improve the user interface (and other code) over time, but for now, it works just fine for my needs.


Download just the Mac OS X application

If you're just interested in using this Java / Mac OS X Meditation application, you can download the application as a zip file from this link:

Just unzip that zip file, and you'll have a normal Mac OS X application that you can place in your Applications folder, or anywhere else.

Download the complete Java / Mac project

If you're interested in downloading the entire Java project, including the Java source code and Ant build files (which include my jarbundler task), use this link:


The code I've created is far from perfect. I didn't count my time on it, but I probably created this code in about eight total hours over the last three days, so you will find some "TODO" items in the code that are my biggest concerns. In particular, I haven't worked with any Java threading code in quite some time, so I'm very sure the code I hacked together needs to be replaced if I do much more work on this application.

Other than that, as usual, if you have any questions or comments, just use the form below, and I'll get back in touch with you. As I mentioned earlier, I think the biggest value of this application is that it provides a complete Java on Mac project that you can use in your own Mac Java projects, so I hope you'll see that value through the poor quality of the code. :)