A collection of Java test projects and examples

Sigh, so many broken links, so little time ... when I switched this website to Drupal, I didn't (couldn't) take the time to move all of my static content in the Drupal CMS, so a lot of great content is just sitting out there in static files. To help fix that problem a little bit, here's a link to a collection of Java test project (example projects) that demonstrate all sorts of cool and fun things with Java, including:

  • The factory pattern in Java
  • A Java exception throwing example
  • JTidy examples and tests
  • Jget, a Java version of wget
  • A Java Postgres (Postgresql) database connection test
  • Java regular expression examples
  • A Java socket test
  • A Java Struts test project
  • Java source code from a "Working Backwards with eXtreme Programming" seminar

I don't know what I was thinking back then, but you can only access these projects from the main "Java example projects" page. But, the important thing is that you can now get to them. I hope they are helpful!