New, free Introduction to Unix and Linux tutorial

After having this on my "wish list" for many years, I finally took the time tonight to regenerate the pages for my "Free Introduction to Unix and Linux tutorial". The old format was just horrible, spread out among 285 small pages, and while this one still needs some work, it's about 1,000 times better than the old format, and comes in weighing only 13 large tutorial pages.

Some of the tutorial material is a little dated now, but these sections are still very relevant to today's Unix/Linux world:

The Korn shell has been replaced by Bash on most Unix and Linux systems, but if you're looking for a good introduction to what a Unix shell is, check out the Unix/Linux Korn shell tutorial as well.

I'm really happy that this new training material has very long, luxurious sections to read from, with just a few ads within a lot of reading material. Also, all the popup ads should be gone as well, so that's another reason to celebrate.

If you happen to need any free Unix/Linux training/tutorial material, or you know someone else who does, I hope you or your friends will really like this new format.