The Mac Finder new folder keystroke command

macOS Finder FAQ: How do I create a new Mac Finder folder using the keyboard? (Or, What is the Mac Finder new folder keystroke or keyboard command?)

To create a new folder in the Mac Finder using the keyboard:

  1. Make sure you're in the folder/directory where you want to create a new folder, then
  2. Press the [Command][Shift][n] keystoke

This Finder keyboard command creates a new Finder folder in the current directory with a name like “Untitled folder.” Keyboard focus is on that new folder, so you can easily give the folder a new name right away.

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Note that if you want to delete this new Finder folder, you can delete it by pressing the [Command][Delete] keystroke, as discussed in my "How to delete Mac Finder files and folders using the keyboard" article.

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