How to break long lines using AppleScript

AppleScript FAQ: How do I break a long line in AppleScript?

AppleScript is a very verbose programming language, and you can easily write programs that have very long lines, which are hard to read. To make it worse, AppleScript doesn’t like it when you use carriage returns to break your long lines, which is a bit of a bummer.

But, fear not, if you need to break a long line in AppleScript, you just need to know the magic keystroke character: Just type the [Option][Enter] or [Option][L] characters when you want to break a long AppleScript line.

As an example, here’s how I broke up the long AppleScript if statement shown below:

if theResponse is [Option][Enter]
	"fine" or theResponse is [Option][Enter]
	"fine hal" or theResponse is [Option][Enter]
	"i'm fine" then
	delay 1
	say "I'm glad to hear that."

Note that to do this, you press the [Option] and [Enter] keys at the same time.