Mac Spaces: Open a minimized window in the current Mac space

Mac Spaces minimized windows FAQ: How do I open a minimized Mac window in the current Mac Space?

I love the Mac Spaces feature, but it has nearly driven me insane that when I click a minimized Mac application window (a window minimized to the Mac Dock), it changes the current Mac Space to whatever Space that window was opened in before, and then opens the window. 98% of the time I want that minimized Mac window to open in the current Mac Space, not whatever the old application Space was.

I couldn't take it any more this morning, so I finally dug around, and found the answer:

To open a minimized Mac window in your current Mac Space, [command]-click the minimized window in the Mac Dock. (Hold down the [command] key and left-click the Dock icon for your app.)

That's all you have to do to open a minimized Mac window in the current Mac Space.

Now, if only I can find a way to make this the default Mac Space minimized window re-open behavior ...

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On a related note, a much more obvious "secret" is that if you have a Mac application already running in one Mac Space (like Terminal, TextMate, or any other Mac application), and you want to open a new window from that application in the current Mac space, just right-click the application icon in the Mac Dock, then select whatever "New Window" or "New File" option they offer. Admittedly that's not as good a tip as the one above, but I thought I'd share it while I'm in the Mac Spaces + window neighborhood.

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I hope this tip on opening Mac application windows in the current Mac Space has been helpful. As usual, if you have any questions or comments, just leave a note in the Comments section below.