Apple increasing capital expenditures by 70% to $1.9B in 2010

For the most part I try to avoid the rumor game when it comes to Apple, but when I read on All Things Digital that Apple is planning to increase their capital expenditures by 70% to $1.9 Billion in 2010, well, that's a little more than a rumor.

The funny thing is that even in something as formal as a 10-K filing with the SEC, Apple (and any other publicly-held company) can be so vague that you still have no idea what they're doing. In fact, ATD reports that Robert Cihra of Caris & Company made these following statements about Apple's increased capital expenditures spending:

"Interestingly … this year’s 10K added wording for 'purchases of product tooling and manufacturing process equipment', which could imply Apple reversing course to actually build certain products/components in-house."

That statement was followed by "Beyond that are signals of Apple investing in massive new data center capacity (e.g., North Carolina) that could support anything from iTunes/iPhone Apps through new cloud computing."

As you can see, even with information like a "70% increase in capital expenditures", you're still left with a guessing game.

Here's a link to the All Things Digital article where I just read this.