Browser usage statistics (late 2009)

For anyone interested in web browser statistics -- specifically the people that visit the website -- here's a chart that shows the web browser usage data for the website over the last 30 days (late November through early December, 2009):

Web browser usage - statistics and popularity for the devdaily website

Browser usage/popularity breakdown

As an open source advocate, I'm glad to see Firefox doing so well. Not only is Firefox/Windows the #1 web browser platform for visitors, but all forms of Firefox (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X) add up to approximately 53% of all browser users.

I haven't added up the exact browser usage numbers, but it looks like all forms of Microsoft Windows browsers add up to nearly 75% of all visitors. No big surprise there, but it's cool to see Linux users adding up to nearly 12% of all web browser users.

If you've been with me for a while you'll also know that I use Mac OS X a lot, so I'm glad to see OS X browsers usage at about 10.5%.

The release of the Chrome browser for Mac OS X is what prompted me to write this article today, and I'm also pleasantly surprised to see Chrome browser usage to be over 8% total for the Windows and Linux platforms.

Browser usage data

Sorry, but I don't break down website visitors or page views publicly, but I will say that the devdaily website generates millions of page views every year, so IMHO, I can say that this browser usage data is not based on a small data set.

That being said, I'm sure this browser popularity data is skewed by what I primarily write about: open source software, Mac OS X, and electronic gadgets.

I hope you enjoy seeing this data. I like to share this "inside information" from time to time. :)