EU has MySQL concerns regarding Oracle-Sun deal

The EU is taking a longer look at Oracle's intended purchases of Sun, saying they want to make sure Oracle is committed to the future of the MySQL database. As we wrote about on our site back on August 21, 2009, you have to wonder about the future of many current Sun products, including not only MySQL, but also other products where there is a collision between Sun and Oracle, including the OpenSSO platform.

(As noted below, this reminds us of this very interesting question: What will Oracle do with MySQL?)

90 days

As reported by the AP, the EU now has 90 days before it makes a final decision on this deal:

The European Commission now has 90 days — until Jan. 19, 2010 — before it makes a final decision to clear the deal or block it. It often presses companies to make changes that eliminate antitrust worries, such as selling off parts of their business.

This is really a very interesting question: What are Oracle's plans for MySQL? Keep MySQL, and sell and support both MySQL and Oracle? Sell of MySQL before or after the Sun purchase? Or try to quietly kill MySQL through lack of support after the purchase? (And if this happens, how many other companies will sprout up to take over MySQL support?)

Finally, as noted in our earlier post, the U.S. government gave this deal their approval back on August 21st. At that time, Oracle stated that they expected this deal to close by August 31, 2009.