Cool: A mass test of brain training

Cool link of the day: The Telegraph reports that millions of people are asked to take part in a mass test of "brain training". As the article states:

Scientists have joined together with the BBC to create what they say will be the largest scientific test of whether machines, such as the Nintendo DS, or even just playing Sudoku, can improve memory and brain power.

More than 100 million Nintendo brain training games have been sold across the world, while millions keep their brain active every day with puzzles and crosswords ... but the scientists insist that there is little hard evidence that brain training has a recognisable effect.

After some initial benchmarking, they're going to ask people to "brain train" for 10 minutes a day, three times a week, for at least six weeks. While I personally don't think that's very much time, and I don't know how they arrive at these values -- I'm glad to see someone testing this stuff.