Ezoic ads vs Google AdSense

April 15, 2024: A nice thing about Ezoic is that people from the company keep reaching out to see if I’m happy with Ezoic, and if I want any more information about their tools. I don’t think I ever had an email with anyone from Google AdSense, so this is a nice change.

March 27, 2024: I just received my first payment from Ezoic, so that’s cool.

March 16, 2024: As a brief note today, I recently started using Ezoic for the ads on this website, and so far my revenue is much greater than it was with Google AdSense. My ad revenue has increased at least 50%, and probably more than that.

Switching from AdSense to Ezoic

For a long time I was afraid to switch to another company besides AdSense because I had not heard of Ezoic and others, but after several weeks on their platform, all is well.

I should also say that I was very busy, and I thought that “making the switch” might take a while, but if you have existing AdSense and Analytics accounts, it doesn’t seem to take too long. The actual time I spent on a computer to make the changes was probably about 4-8 hours overall, but in calendar time it took a few days because of the AdSense and Analytics integration (waiting), and a few other configuration things I had to wait for. (So, several days in calendar time, but 4-8 hours in actual time.)

It’s also important to note that Ezoic is an AdSense partner, which I discuss more below.

More on Ezoic vs AdSense

The only negative I have seen with Ezoic is that it starts out by showing a LOT of ads, so I have slowly been slowing that down. But the positive is that they give you the tools to control this.

In fact, Ezoic has a LOT of tools to let you customize how many ads are shown, and other tools for analytics, suggesting articles and content, videos, etc. Compared to AdSense, Ezoic gives you many more tools and controls that you can use.

I’ll write more about the Ezoic experience over time, but after about 25 days on their platform, I’m pretty happy that I switched from Ezoic to AdSense.

Ezoic is a Google AdSense partner

One other thing I should add before I go is that Ezoic is a Google AdSense partner, and during the setup process you can integrate your Ezoic setup with AdSense, along with the Google Search Console and Google Analytics. Ezoic’s analytics reports look a lot like Google Analytics results, so I assume they are getting that information from Google Analytics.

From what I have seen, the Search Console integration is only needed if you want to use the Ezoic NicheIQ product to get more insight into your website, including topic recommendations, SEO, site health, and Page Booster (which identifies pages that are losing momentum, and I expect to be a great feature).