A job interview with Apple (a dream story)

Had a dream about having a job interview with Apple this morning. I was talking to some guy, and he asked me to write some Scala code for a particular problem, so I did. I wrote the solution by hand, and as usual, writing in a dream is hard, and the handwriting didn’t look like my own.

Then he didn’t seem to interested in the solution. He told me to follow him and we went into a room filled with a few couches, folding chairs, and Apple employees. They were getting set to watch a video or teleconference.

He sat on a couch next to a young woman with brown hair and began talking to her. I didn’t know what to do, so I sat on the couch next to him. Then the Apple employees in the nearby area began complaining that I shouldn’t be there, and I agreed, I shouldn’t, but he shushed them all as he talked to the brown haired woman. Then the two of them got up and left, and I followed them.

As we left the room, they started two fires at the entrance/exit doorway. The woman started a fire on the far side, and he started one on the close side. I asked what the heck they were doing, and then they ran out the doorway and up some stairs. I asked what the heck they were doing starting a fire on one floor and then running up; it seemed like if you were going to start a fire you’d want to run out of the building on the same floor.

So I followed them up the stairs and encountered an older woman — probably in her 60s or 70s — in a wheelchair. When I looked at her I saw her as being on fire. So I yelled, “You’re on fire,” and she said something to the effect that she was not. Then, in some way that I can’t recall, I realized that I was seeing her in the future. It was like I was seeing her in the present, and there was also an overlay where I was seeing her on fire in the future.

Then I turned and saw the guy I interviewed with that started the fire. When I looked at him I saw him, and just like the woman in the chair I saw him with an overlay, but his overlay looked like static on a television. So I could see him, and this static overlay.

When I described these two things that I saw, someone there said they had a name for people like me. I can’t remember the name they said, but it was something like I was a “viewer.”

I have no idea what any of that is supposed to mean, but I told the people about the fire downstairs, and then there was quite a commotion and I woke up.