Radio Pi (formerly “Al Radio”)

I’ll write more about this as time goes on, but I’ve finished the first round of software (and hardware) development on my “Radio Pi” project. This project lets me play local FM radio stations, online radio streams, recorded radio streams, and podcasts, all from a little Raspberry Pi (RPI) computing system.


First, here’s a short video of my RPI Radio in action:

System hardware

Here are some photos of the system. These two photos show the RPI hardware:

The little red chip/board is the Si4703 FM radio chip.

Web interface

This is what the web UI looks like on the RPI monitor:

This is what the UI looks like on an old Android tablet:

This is a screenshot of the UI from my iPad:

Scrolling news reports

I also attached a monitor to the system, and it now shows me a constant, scrolling news stream:

Raspberry Pi dropping WiFi connections

Since I moved into my new apartment, my Raspberry Pi system has been dropping WiFi connections. I share a potential solution for the “dropped WiFi connections” in that link.

Source code on Github

Update: I’ve made the source code private for now, as I attempt to raise funding to turn this into a commercial product.