How to run/execute a JAR file created with Dotty (Scala 3)

As a brief note to self, if you need to run a main method in a JAR file created with Dotty (Scala 3), and you want to run execute that application using the java command, the syntax is the same as before, you just have to figure out which JAR files to include in your classpath.

I just created an example using Scala futures and found that I could execute/run the example using this command:

java -cp "/path/to/dotty-library_0.27-0.27.0-RC1.jar:/path/to/scala-library-2.13.3.jar:target/scala-0.27/multiplefutures2_0.27-0.1.0.jar" futures.MultipleFutures2

In that command, multiplefutures2_0.27-0.1.0.jar is the name of my JAR file, and futures.MultipleFutures2 is the name of my package and main method, respectively.

If you want to execute a JAR file built with Dotty, I hope this example is helpful