Flutter/Dart: How to convert TimeOfDay fields (and convert to DateTime)

When using Flutter and Dart, if you need to compare two TimeOfDay values, I can confirm that it helps to first convert the TimeOfDay to a double using this function:

/// note: 'hour' is in 24-hour format
double _timeOfDayToDouble(TimeOfDay tod) => tod.hour + tod.minute/60.0;

Once you have several TimeOfDay values converted to double values:

var now = _timeOfDayToDouble(TimeOfDay.now());
var startTime = _timeOfDayToDouble(_startTime);  // _startTime is a TimeOfDay
var stopTime = _timeOfDayToDouble(_stopTime);    // _stopTime is a TimeOfDay

you can then compare them like this:

if (now > startTime && now < stopTime) {
    // do your work here ...

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In a related note, if you have a Flutter TimeOfDay variable named tod and want to convert it to a Dart DateTime variable, these approaches work:

// you already have some `TimeOfDay tod`

// Option 1: if “today” doesn’t matter
final dt = DateTime(1969, 1, 1, tod.hour, tod.minute);

// Option 2: if “today” matters
final now = DateTime.now();
final dt = DateTime(now.year, now.month, now.day, tod.hour, tod.minute);

The DateTime class has useful methods like isBefore, isAfter, difference, etc., that you can use to compare two DateTime variables, which may be easier, depending on your needs.

In summary, if you want to compare two Flutter TimeOfDay variables, I hope these examples are helpful.