It Can’t Rain All The Time, by Jane Siberry

We walked the narrow path,
Beneath the smoking skies.
Sometimes you can barely tell the difference
Between darkness and light.
Do we have faith
In what we believe?
The truest test is when we cannot,
When we cannot see.

~ Lyrics from a pretty (but sad) song named It Can’t Rain All The Time, by Jane Siberry, which I first heard in the movie, The Crow.

Enjoyed Cowboys & Aliens in Wasilla, Alaska

Enjoyed Cowboys & Aliens at Wasilla’s fancy new stadium seating movie theater. How strange to walk out of a theater and into a valley of fireweed surrounded by misty mountains.

(A Facebook post from Wasilla, Alaska, August 9, 2011.)

Mountain Top quote: There’s all kinds of jails

Mike (Pastor/Lawyer): Why’d you want to see me?

Sam (Prisoner): Papa told me you were a spiritual man, and that we need to help each other.

Mike: Help each other? Well ... you’re the one in jail.

Sam: [laughs] Well, there’s all kinds of jails. One of the worst is the prison of wrong thoughts. I was locked up there for many years until I found the key and opened the door.

(from the movie Mountain Top)

“You are more beautiful than music.”

“You are more beautiful than music.”

“Your face is like a poem.”

“And in your eyes ... heaven.”

Must Love Dogs: “You never would have left Kevin, would you? (quote) alvin June 5, 2018 - 2:06pm

Two sisters talking in the movie, Must Love Dogs:

“So can I ask you a question?”


“You never would have left Kevin, would you?”

“If he hadn’t ... left me? No, I don’t think so.”

“But you weren’t really happy.”

“Well, I figured that was the life I picked, so I had to make the most of it. I’m not even sure I deserve a new life now. Sometimes I think that was supposed to be my one chance and I blew it.”

“Where did we get the bad attitudes?”

“The nuns?”

The Dancer Upstairs

I have The Dancer Upstairs playing while I work today. I don’t remember how/where/why I saw it the first time, but I remember when I saw it I thought, “That Javier Bardem guy is really good.” Other than the dog scenes, it’s a very good movie.

Pema Chodron and our “propensity” for certain behaviors

This quote/image about our “propensity” for certain behaviors comes from Pema Chodron’s book, Living Beautifully with Uncertainty and Change. Ms. Chodron oftens writes and speaks about “shenpa,” which I’ll describe as some combination of “things that trigger us,” along with how we react to those triggers.