Songs from the movie “Coffee Shop” (Laura Vandervoort)

When I watched the movie Coffee Shop I knew that Laura Vandervoort wasn’t singing the songs in the movie, and I assumed that the artist singing was Norah Jones, but it turns out that was wrong. The actual singer’s name is Mandi Mapes, and the two songs are called “Dance With Me” and “In Your Arms.” Videos for both of the Coffee Shop songs are shown below.

This is Dance With Me:

This is In Your Arms:



Happy to find this after googling 'singer in Coffee Shop the movie'! I just watched the movie on Netflix, and thought the dubbed song was by Norah Jones also... except I wasn't able to bring that name to mind at the time. And so it isn't Jones at all! Beautiful voice.


Yup, Coffee Shop brought me here, and I too thought it was Norah Jones. Well done!


Beautiful voice! Love the songs! Glad I found Mandi Mapes - the artist of the songs from the movie "Coffee Shop".