Siri reads from Fifty Shades of Grey, sings Cracklin' Rosie, and more

About a month ago I shared some code for my Wikipedia Reader application, which reads Wikipedia pages out loud to you. As I thought about what I want from that application, I thought, “Why limit it to reading Wikipedia pages? What if it could read a book?”

1) Siri reads lines from Fifty Shades of Grey

Of course to get something like that working, you have to start with something smaller, so I thought, “How about having Siri read some of the best lines from the ’Fifty Shades of Grey’ series?”:

2) Siri sings (reads) Neil Diamond’s song, Cracklin’ Rosie

Next, my mom loves Neil Diamond, so I had Siri sing his song, “Cracklin’ Rosie”:

3) Good Mac OS X computer voices reading a novel

Finally -- getting to where I really wanted to be -- here are a collection of the best voices on Mac OS X 10.9 reading a few paragraphs from Dana Stabenow’s novel, “A Cold Day for Murder”. It may help to know before listening that each paragraph from the book is read in a different voice. Also, my apologies for the bug after “LT” in the first sentence:

While listening to one computer voice for a long time is hard on the ears and brain, I think I might be able to listen to a book read by a variety of voices like this. I’ll give it a try tomorrow and see how it sounds.