My Zen charity: The Zen Foundation

If you're thinking about giving to a charity this year, please consider giving to the Zen Foundation. Our organization has one simple purpose:

"The Zen Foundation will freely distribute classic Zen books to libraries, schools, healthcare facilities, and other locations where people can discover Zen."

With this mission, we hope other people will discover Zen in the same way we did: By stumbling onto one of the classic Zen texts, flipping through the pages, and beginning to wonder.

The numbers

As you can imagine, with over 98,000 public schools, 17,000 private schools, over 20,000 libraries, 5,700 hospitals, and 16,000 nursing homes, we have a lot of work to do.

That being said, our work is also simple: Buy and distribute books. By staying with this simple mission, we hope to keep our overhead costs very low.


This is the first year of existence for the Zen Foundation, and I've been working on postcard designs, which I'll be sending out this week. The images below show some of these designs, with the simple message, "Help others discover Zen."

I hope these designs convey the fact that it's all about the books, and getting the books out there where they can be discovered.

You can read more about our charitable mission at the Zen Foundation website, or by clicking on the images above. If you'd like to receive postcards like these from the Zen Foundation, use the contact form here to send me your name and mailing address, and I'll be glad to send some your way.